Working with TDC

How TDC Supports You

TDC is the office at UHN that manages Intellectual Property (IP) and related agreements, contracts and licenses, helping turn discovery and knowledge into value for UHN and patients.  We provide services to the UHN community in:

Invention reporting and patenting

Licensing contracts

Collaborative research agreements

Start-up company formation

This means that in addition to the commercialization of UHN innovations, TDC files all Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (CDAs) (required prior to discussing unpublished research or ideas with external parties), and Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs), which are required when transferring or receiving research materials (such as software, cell lines, tissue samples, etc.) in or out of UHN.  Learn more about the other agreements TDC supports, and access available templates here


When to Contact TDC

It is important that you contact TDC when you think you've made a discovery, and prior to any of the following activities:

Submitting a manuscript

Submitting an abstract

Making a poster presentation

Sharing your idea with a non-UHN collaborator

Speaking with a potential industry partner  

Working with TDC from an early stage will ensure the rights and interests of both you and UHN are protected, and that the potential for future marketability is maximized.

If you think you've made a discovery (for example, in small-molecules, biologics, cells, diagnostics or medical devices), or believe that you may have something with commercial potential (such as a clinical questionnaire or tool), or simply want to learn more, contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our Licensing and Commercialization Professionals, who can answer your questions and guide you through the commercialization process.





UHN employees should contact TDC when...

• Making a novel discovery, and prior to publication or any public disclosure 

• Developing something with commercial potential, such as software, a clinical questionnaire, or research breakthrough

• Commencing collaborative initiatives with outside institutions, government, or other non-profit entities

• Transferring or receiving research materials from other institutions or industry

• Interested in initiating an industry sponsored research collaboration

• Interested in starting a company based on a research breakthrough

Learn more about  the commercialization process at UHN, or about your obligations regarding Intellectual Property as a UHN employee in the UHN IP Policy available through the UHN Intranet (link available on the UHN network).