UHN technology part of new TIAP & Amgen investment to support new ventures

Toronto Innovation Acceleration Partners (TIAP) and Amgen recently announced a joint initiative including the co-funding of local transformative projects in support of new venture development. Three transformative projects were chosen, including University Health Network Senior Scientist Robert Rottapel's project focused on developing new therapies for ovarian cancers. The joint initiative also includes dedicated scientific & business expertise from TIAP and Amgen to accelerate treatment development to ultimately help patients. 

Dr. Rottapel's project is focused on developing monoclonal antibodies against a novel target for the treatment of drug-resistant ovarian cancers. In addition, this project has also secured financial support from UHN’s Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Innovation Acceleration Fund (IAF).

The first slate of partnered projects, now underway, represents over $1 million in direct investment. In addition to the capital provided by TIAP and Amgen, each project has dedicated scientific and business expertise from Amgen and TIAP to ensure projects are hitting milestones and have appropriate expertise to support development and ultimately availability and distribution. 

Congratulations and we are looking forward to this collaboration. 

Read more on TIAP's website: https://bit.ly/386S499