Point Surgical Spin-off Launched

 Point Surgical Inc. (PSI), a start-up recently spun-off from University Health Network (UHN), Unity Health Toronto (Unity) and Light Matter Interaction Inc. (LMI), is developing a new technology for instant and highly accurate intra-surgical identification of cancer types through a combination of laser vaporization and affordable mass spectrometry.  The technology, first demonstrated by Drs. Arash Zarrine-Afsar (UHN) and Howard Ginsberg (Unity), offers clinicians a new way to measure in real-time—right within the surgical theater—molecular biomarkers present in laser vaporized tissue to deliver a non-subjective characterization of disease. This point-of-care, intra-surgical molecular analysis technology alleviates the need for complex sample preparation and can be easily integrated into various surgical practices for on-the-spot determination of tissue pathologies in ~10 seconds.  

About the Company

Point Surgical Inc. (PSI) is a Toronto-based company developing technology for first-in-class intra-surgical pathology analysis in record time, and was founded as a joint venture between Toronto’s University Health Network, Unity Health Toronto and Light Matter Interaction Inc.  PSI has secured rights to several granted patents in the U.S. and elsewhere and is currently developing a portable and affordable prototype to facilitate a future clinical trial.