Material Transfer Agreements

UHN Researchers Requesting Materials


If you would like to receive materials from an academic institution or company, please follow the steps below to complete a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA):

1. Obtain the MTA from the academic institution or company.

2. Complete all required fields of the MTA from the academic institution or company and obtain all other required documentation, e.g., REB approval from either the external partner or from UHN, etc.

3. Once you have completed the above, submit your request, including all required documents, to the TDC office for processing via our online MTA Portal (log-in using your UHN Credentials) :

For reference, our tutorial materials on the MTA portal are located on the TDC Research Intranet, within the Technology Transfer & Commercialization department.

You can also view our portal video tutorial here


Please use your UHN credentials to log-in to the MTA portal:, and in the Tasks Box, click “Material and/or Data Transfer Agreement Portal”


Please note that all requests for materials will only be processed using this online submission portal.

For any questions, please contact our office at  To serve you better, please include the name of the external party (academic institution or company) and of the requested materials, in the subject of the email.