Invention Disclosure Submission

Intellectual Property (Invention) Disclosure (IPD)

UHN’s Intellectual Property Policy (available on the UHN network) requires UHN employees to submit an Intellectual Property Disclosure (also known as an Invention Disclosure) to the TDC Office upon making a discovery or creating something with potential commercial value.

Examples include new therapeutics entities such as small molecules, NCEs or biologics, diagnostic methods, medical devices, software, clinical tools or questionnaires.

By submitting an IPD, you will enable the exploration of commercialization opportunities for your invention and ensure legal protection and future marketability.

When should I file an Invention Disclosure?
 As soon as your invention or work can be clearly described

 Prior to making any public disclosure of your work (e.g., abstract submission, poster presentation, journal publication, or thesis)

IPD Online Submission Process

TDC has moved to online submission of IPDs.  After completing the online submission process, TDC will provide you a formal Intellectual Property Disclosure document. You will be asked to review this document and have it signed by all UHN inventors before returning it to TDC.  

To submit an Intellectual Property Disclosure, please proceed HERE.

Don't hesitate to contact the TDC office at to discuss the details of your situation and to answer any questions you may have.