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We work with research scientists and clinicians at the University Health Network (UHN) to create new intellectual property and advance it towards innovative commercial applications.

The mandate of the UHN office of Technology Development & Commercialization (TDC) is to facilitate the identification and development towards practical applications of research discoveries with new product potential. As such, our office is responsible for establishing effective partnership arrangements with the private sector for the purposes of both knowledge transfer and technology licensing.

TDC Services

UHN Researchers should contact us when:

  • Making a novel discovery, prior to publication (to protect novel discoveries)

  • Initiating collaborative initiatives with outside institutions, government and other non-profit entities

  • Transferring or receiving research materials from institutions/industry

  • Interested in industry sponsored research/collaboration

  • Interested in starting a company based on a medical breakthrough

Potential partners should contact us when:

  • Interested in licensing UHN technologies

  • Interested in industry sponsored research

  • Interested in receiving UHN research materials

  • Interested in company creation around UHN technologies