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The following are startup companies based on UHN technology.

AQUA Software – The ‘i-tunes’ of Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance

A software platform for radiation therapy QC.

Facilitating Personalized Medicine via siRNA Cancer Therapeutics

HDL-like Peptide Phospholipid Scaffold (HPPS) nanoparticle enables HDL mediated reverse cholesterol transport of siRNA directly into tutor cell cytoplasm. HPPS has many advantages including its monodisperse and small (~15 nm) size, specific molecular targeting via HDL-R (SR-B1), cytosolic delivery of siRNA payload, is easily made, safe and non-immunogenic.

Clinical – Quality Sleep Apnea Monitoring
The Destination for Online Radiology Education

The website is underpinned by state of the art content from Universities/Hospitals. There are currently 200+ state of the art video/courses available.

Redefining Neurorehab

Non-invasive functional electrical stimulation therapy for treatment of arm and hand paralysis after stroke or spinal cord injury (SCI). Voluntary arm and hand function has been demonstrated in randomized controlled studies in both severe stroke and SCI.