UHN Start-up Thornhill Medical Wins Second Place in International Marine Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in China

BEIJING, Qingdao, November 6, 2017 

International Marine Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (MTEC) Finals held in Qingdao Blue Valley on the 6th. After the selection of 10 preliminary matches in 6 countries, a total of 50 teams entered the finals. Eventually, the Eco-Friendly Marine Coatings team from Germany won the championship and received 500,000 RMB bonuses and the start-up counseling and support services provided by Shandong University.  The team from Thornhill Medical (an innovative medical device company) from Toronto Canada was the runner up in second place and recieved 300,000 RMB bonuses and start-up counseling and support services as well. 

2017 International Marine Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (MTEC) is by far one of the largest marine international innovation and entrepreneurship competitions in the world. It is co-founded and sponsored by Qingdao Blue Valley Administration and Shandong University. The International Science and Technology Innovation Park of Sino-American University of Shandong University, Oceanographic Institute and cocoa space / cocoa capital co-host.

This competition combines the development orientation of Qingdao Blue Valley focusing on marine science and technology and the characteristics of high-end marine science and technology units as well as the rich practical experience of innovation and entrepreneurship transformation of Shandong University and the advantages of cross-integration of marine science. The theme of field innovation and entrepreneurship has been positively responded to by companies, entrepreneurs and research institutes both at home and abroad.

The competition covers 10 cities in 6 countries including Europe, North America and Asia at home and abroad, including Kiel in Germany, Paris in France, London in England, Toronto in Canada, Halifax in Canada, Boston in the United States and Silicon Valley in the United States. As well as the domestic Shanghai, Jinan and Qingdao. A total of about 120 teams won the prelude to the road show, of which about 30 participated in the European Division competitions, about 40 in the North American division competitions, about 50 to participate in the domestic division competitions. Eventually competing in the global team of 50 teams to enter the finals.

This contest effectively raised China's international influence in the field of marine innovation and entrepreneurship, deepened the exchange of relevant sea-related units in Qingdao and domestic and foreign partners, and also actively promoted the extensive cooperation among innovative and start-up companies at home and abroad in Qingdao Blue Valley.

(Translated from original: http://www.chinanews.com/m/cj/2017/11-06/8369841.shtml?from=timeline&isappinstalled=0)