TDC Launches Alliance Management at UHN

Christina von Gemmingen, launches Alliance Management for UHN as Licensing Professional/Alliance Manager at TDC


Technology Development and Commercialization is pleased to announce the arrival of Christina von Gemmingen, who launches the function of Alliance Management for UHN as Licensing Professional/Alliance Manager at TDC.

The launch of an Alliance Management function at TDC brings a new level of sophistication to the management of partner relationships between industry and our research community. In this role, Christina will maintain a strategic overview of contracts with our industry partners, and help ensure the success of these partnerships by aligning internally and externally with stakeholders on all significant milestones and changes throughout the partnership.

The Alliance Management function at TDC will help serve our UHN—as well as external— partners by maximizing the strategic and financial value of our collaborations, and enabling conflict resolution and governance. Christina will hold responsibility for providing a dedicated first point of contact for researchers and partners in these engagements, for their governance to ensure ongoing successful execution of milestones, and for other operational aspects of the relationships such as participation on steering committees, etc.

In her dual position of Licensing Professional/Alliance Manager, she is responsible for the alliances of several key industry partners including BlueRock Therapeutics, Inc. and is responsible for negotiating and executing research/licensing agreements for UHN’s McEwen Stem Cell Institute.

Christina earned a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto and has more than 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry including in R&D, the regulatory space, and global business development and licensing. She has worked for both generic and large innovator companies as well as in several countries including the Fiji Islands, New Zealand, Germany and the Netherlands before returning to her hometown of Toronto and starting at UHN.