Material Transfer Agreements

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) Templates

The Technology Development and Commercialization (TDC) office at the University Health Network (UHN) must review and approve all MTAs prior to the transfer of any such materials to or from UHN.  

Note: The following templates are intended for use by UNIVERSITIES and NOT-FOR-PROFIT organizations.  For ALL COMMERCIAL requests please contact:



  1. Agreement: Material transfers into UHN (MTA in)
  2. Agreement: Material transfers from UHN (MTA out)


For MTAs: Please ensure that you have either the completed the appropriate UHN template (i.e., MTA out) or the providing party's template (i.e., MTA in) AND have any REB approval, if required, prior to submitting an MTA request to the TDC Office.


Please SELECT the APPROPRIATE MTA TEMPLATE for materials SENT OUT FROM UHN from the table below:

Agreement Type

Material to be Transferred

REB Requirements

Download the below template

1) Human Tissue related to Clinical Trial

  1. These transfers need to be co-ordinated with the Clinical Trials Group. Please contact them @  with your CAPCR/REB# to begin the process.
  • Required.


2) Human Tissue NOT related to Clinical Trial

  1. Human bodily fluids (i.e., blood, saliva, urine, etc.).
  2. Human biopsy samples (i.e., tumour samples).
  3. Human isolated DNA, RNA, proteins etc. or fragments thereof.


  1. Mice or other animals carrying human tumour transplants or other human material contact UHN MTAs @
  • Required.
  • The REB has approved the proposed transfer and use of the materials to non-UHN parties.

Tissue NOT related to Clinical Trial

3) Mice Transfer


  1. Transgenic mice.
  2. Knock-out mice.
  3. Any otherwise altered mice.



Does not include mice carrying human-derived material, e.g., tumour transplants (PDX, xenograft, derived from xenograft, etc.). Transgenic mice carrying human-derived material require either Human Tissue related to Clinical Trial or Human Tissue NOT related to Clinical Trial MTA.

  • Not required.


4) Biological Material

Research reagents such as:

  1. Non-human biological materials, e.g., DNA, RNA, plasmids, antibodies, proteins, viruses, bacteria, etc.
  2. Modified human cell lines and non-human cell lines.
  3. Buffers and solutions.
  • Not required.

Biological (non-human, non-mice)

5) H6c7 pancreatic cell line

  1. H6c7 pancreatic cell line from Dr. Tsao.
  • Not required.

H6c7 cell line


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If you have any queries regarding MTAs, please call 18-8813 or email at the TDC Office.

If you have any queries regarding the online access or would like to provid comments or feedback, please call 18-8732 or email at the TDC Office.