Industry Documents & Templates

  • Confidential Disclosure Agreement
  • Material Transfer Agreements
  • Collaboration Agreements

Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) Template

All CDAs governing the exchange of proprietary or confidential information involving UHN researchers must be reviewed by TDC.  Use of the UHN template will ensure faster review of the agreement. 

To transfer and protect confidential information shared between two parties, please use UHN's  Confidential Disclosure Agreement template.

Once reviewed and signed, please email the partially-signed CDA to the attention of TDC at Please contact TDC with any questions about the appropriate template to use. 

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) Templates

Any material (such as cell lines, transgenic mice, DNA, human tissue, etc.) brought into or sent out of UHN for research purposes requires an MTA. TDC must review and approve all MTAs prior to the transfer of any such materials.  The following templates are intended for use by universities and not-for-profit organizations.

Choose the correct template by answering the questions below. To submit your completed MTA, or for any questions, please contact TDC at

What is the source of material?

Human Derived (e.g. blood, urine, tissue, or derivatives such as DNA/RNA)

Were samples collected as part of an ongoing clinical trial? 

Please use the UHN MTA Human-Derived, Clinical Trial template.

REB approved protocol and consent are required in order to process your MTA.

Please use the UHN MTA Human-Derived template. 

REB approved protocol and consent are required ​in order to process your MTA.

Mouse (non-PDX; e.g. transgenic, knockout mice)

Please use the UHN MTA Mouse Transfer template

Other Biological Sources (e.g.  plasmids, vectors, antibodies, phages)

Please use the UHN MTA Other Biological Material template

PDX (e.g. xenografts or tissue derived from xenografts)

PDX models (or derivatives) require special consideration.  Please contact to request transfer of PDX materials.


For materials not mentioned here, including equipment, please contact


Collaborating with UHN

Industry collaboration with UHN Researchers is integral to the success of research at UHN. While each collaboration agreement must be customized, please reference our template contracts below to better understand our standard terms.


Service Agreements (SA)

Service Agreements are used when industry, government or another non-academic third party (ie, the requestor) is looking to engage a UHN investigator, or team, to perform research tasks on behalf of the requestor. UHN investigators tend to prefer more collaborative arrangements, such as Sponsored Research Agreements.  


Sponsored Research Agreements (SRA)

Sponsored Research Agreements are used when industry, government or another non-academic third party (ie, the sponsor) wishes to work collaboratively with a UHN investigator, or team, to pursue a project of mutual interest, and is willing to provide financial support in pursuit of the project.        

Both Service Agreements and Sponsored Research Agreements are subject to institutional overhead, at a rate of 40%. Please contact TDC to discuss the details of your situation or interest in collaborative research at UHN.