The IAF-Leadership Board will review all proposals on behalf of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Their aim is to make prompt decisions in order to expedite the validation of innovative research to commercial parties.

Key criteria for evaluating proposals includes:

  • • Expertise – scientific merit and expertise of key researchers, innovators and collaborators
  • • Scientific Innovation – novelty of the product in comparison to existing products
  • • Technology Utility – potential for commercialization and uptake
  • • Finance Plan – amount sought, use of funds, cap table if it exists
  • • Market Analysis – unmet need, size/opportunity for growth, barriers to adoption
  • • Risks – potential technological, regulatory and financial risks
  • • Competition – comparison to current standard, competitors
  • • Proprietary assets – barriers to others entering the market
  • • Possible acquirers of the technology;

The proposal evaluation criteria provides further information that IAF-Leadership Board will take into account when evaluating a proposal. Each member of the IAF-Leadership Board completes an evaluation & feedback form for each proposal; both the presentation and background reading material, including the investment proposal form, are taken into account. The collated scores and board meeting discussions will dictate whether a proposal will be funded.

Constructive feedback will be provided to proposals that have not been awarded an IAF and teams are encouraged to resubmit their proposals.






Subject matter covered within criteria


-current medical practise(s) & associated drawback(s)
-market opportunity / value proposition
-competitive landscape
-primary (and secondary) markets, market size & potential
-endorsement or interest from companies / customers / key option leaders / investors

Innovation’s Positioning & Product Differentiation

-how is the innovation better than the current market offerings:
–benefits it presents,
–differentiated value proposition vs. future standard of care

Intellectual Property (IP) Status

-IP’s title and description
-IP status

Key Technical Results

-key results & proof-of-concept data to date
-current stage of development
-technical risks with moving forward

Developmental Plan

-clinical / regulatory development plan

Commercialization Plan

-commercial development strategy
-funding requirement & project plan
-proposal objectives / milestones to be met & their achievability