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Invention Disclosures

Disclosing inventions is an important step in protecting your intellectual property and protecting your invention’s potential future marketability.  UHN requires all UHN personnel to disclose to TDC all research outcomes (e.g. manuscripts submitted for publication or abstracts for presentation) with the potential to create intellectual property at least six (6) weeks prior to any public disclosure or presentation.

Internal personnel can access the invention disclosure form through the UHN Research Intranet here.

If you are not able to access the intranet, please submit a request to

Material Transfer

Requesting UHN Materials

Research materials developed at UHN are transferred to companies, universities, and non-profit research institutes under a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).

MTAs are important because they:

  • Establish terms for the use of research materials.
  • Monitor users and deter unauthorized transfer of materials to third parties.
  • Regulate ownership of further intellectual property generated from use of the material.
  • Warn about the use of material and have users assume liabilities for their use of the material.

Any request for materials should be submitted directly to our office at:

Research Tools

Biological Transfer Agreement

Transfer agreement for biological materials, such as cell lines, DNA, plasmids, antibodies, proteins, viruses, and bacteria, from UHN.

Mice Transfer Agreement

Transfer agreement for mice from UHN.

Human Tissue

Clinical Trial Tissue Transfer Agreement

Transfer agreement for human tissues associated with a formal clinical trial.

Human Tissue Transfer Agreement

Transfer agreement for human tissues not associated with a formal clinical trial.

Data and Tissue Transfer Agreement (no PHI)

Data and tissue material transfer agreement (no Personal Health Information involved). Transfer of human bodily fluids, such as DNA/RNA extracted from human samples, blood, saliva, urine, and biopsy samples, from UHN.


Equipment Transfer Agreement

Transfer agreement for equipment from UHN.

License Now


Description: “Screening tool for obstructive sleep apnea. For academic research projects, please use the license below and describe the project under Permitted Use. For clinical and other uses, please contact UHN TDC for further information.”