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The University Health Network office of
Technology Development & Commercialization

Who We Are

We are the team at the University Health Network (UHN) that facilitates the transformation of hospital research innovations into medical products that improve healthcare outcomes.

What We Do

We work with research scientists and clinicians at the University Health Network (UHN) to create new intellectual property and advance it towards licensing, research and development partnerships, sponsored research agreements, and new company formation.

Welcome to the Technology Development & Commercialization Office

Located in the heart of Toronto’s MaRS Discovery District, the office of Technology Development and Commercialization (TDC) is perfectly positioned to connect with researchers and clinicians and to network with the dynamic entrepreneurial biotechnology and medical device community in Canada.

Our team is highly skilled at fostering and identifying technologies with sound commercial potential, managing the intellectual property protection process, and connecting UHN researchers with industry and venture partners.

Our office actively seeks commercial partners to develop UHN technologies and is committed to developing productive long-term business relationships.

Partnering & Licensing Opportunities

Our office has identified several technologies with high potential for development and commercialization. To learn more about a selection of technologies developed by UHN investigators, please visit our Partnering & Licensing Opportunities page or select a section below.


New medical products and technologies including: innovative small molecules, biologics, and cell-based therapeutics; drug delivery and screening platforms; biomarkers and diagnostics.


Technology and Software related to Radiation Oncology, Imaging & Image-Guided Interventions, Mobile Apps, and other areas.


Cell Lines, Antibodies, Research Reagents, and Clinical Outcome Measures.

UHN Startups

TDC supports new company formation by developing business objectives, building management teams, and introducing “start-ups” to funding sources.

Some of UHN’s recent featured spin-off companies include Acumyn Inc., DLVR Therapeutics Inc., iDAPT Somno Inc.,, MyndTec Inc., and Northern Biologics Inc.

Contact for more information about these exciting companies.

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